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The MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology is taught distance-learning, on-line through the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales, Lampeter. There is no residency requirement and students can study full-time (one year) or part-time (up to five yers). For full details of the MA and the Centre, click here.

The MA is awarded for the completion of 180 credits.

Students completing 60 credits (two compulsory modules and one optional module) may graduate with the Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert).

Students completing 120 credits (two compulsory modules and four optional modules) may graduate with the Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip).

Occasional students may enroll to study individual modules. Please inquire.

Please note that in the module descriptions below, books are listed as indications of the material we will be covering. These are not booklists for student purchase.

Compulsory modules (20 credits each)

Introduction to Cultural Astronomy and Astrology
Module Code MARCH7020

Research Methods: Ethnography and Fieldwork

Module Code MARCH7120

Optional Modules (20 credits each)

Choose four of the following

History of Astrology
Module Code MARCH7220

New Age and Pagan Cosmologies
Module Code MARCH7320

Psychological Perspectives
Module Code MARCH7420

Sacred Geography
Module Code MARCH7520

Science and Scepticism
Module Code MARCH7620

Stellar Religion
Module Code MARCH7720

The Medieval Cosmos
Module Code MARCH7820     

Dissertation (60 credits)


The Dawn of Astrology: A Cultural History of Western Astrology

Vol 1: The Ancient and Classical Worlds (London: Continuum 2008)

by Nicholas Campion


What do Astrologers Believe? (Oxford: Granta, 2006)

by Nicholas Campion


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