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The International Astrology Research Centre (CURA)
(CURA) carries articles of relevance to the philosophy, history and scientific investigation of astrology.
Robert Zoller
Resources and information on medieval astrology
Useful site for guide to resources and information on astrology
Links and resources in astrology
Kepler College
Distance-learning academic liberal-arts education with an emphasis on the philosophical, historical and technical background and practice of astrology.
The Centre for Archaoeastronomy
The Centre for Archaeoastronomy founded the journal 'Archaeoastronomy' and continues to publish as well as organising conferences
MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology
Study Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the Sophia Centre, University of Wales, Lampeter
Wolfgang Dick's Resources on the History of Astronomy
History of Science bibliographic database
Internet History of Science Sourcebook
Kim Malville, Guide to Prehistoric Astronomy of the South West, Boulder: Johnson Books, 2008.
Astrology and Science.com
Articles and links focusing on scientific attitudes to, and research into, astrology

The Dawn of Astrology: A Cultural History of Western Astrology

Vol 1: The Ancient and Classical Worlds (London: Continuum 2008)

by Nicholas Campion


What do Astrologers Believe? (Oxford: Granta, 2006)

by Nicholas Campion


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