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 The Dawn of Astrology: A Cultural History of Western Astrology, Vol. 1 (The Ancient and Classical Worlds)

The Dawn of Astrology, published by Continuum in the USA and UK in 2008, is the first part of the two-volume Cultural History of Western Astrology. It runs from the earliest, stone-age, evidence and speculation on the human relationship with the sky, through Egyptian astral theology, Babylonian astrology, Greek philosophy, Jewish aand Christian cosmologies and the use of astrology in the Roman Empire.  

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 The Great Year: Astrology Millenarianism and History in the Western Tradition

Nicholas Campion

Myths of primeval golden ages and future apocalypses date back to earliest recorded history, as does the idea that history moves in long-term cycles – named great years by the Greek philosopher Plato. The Great Year is the definitive history of such beliefs and their relationship with cosmological ideas, including the use of astrology to manage society. The Great Year was published by Penguin in 1994.

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 What do Astrologers Believe?

Nicholas Campion

Published by Granta in What Do Astrologers Believe? is part of a definitive new series from Granta Books. It surveys astrological beliefs in the modern world - and how they developed - dealing with issues such as whether astrology is the result of real, objective conditions in the cosmos, or a matter of creative imagination. For more information see www.Granta.com

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 Astrology, History and Apocalypse

Nicholas Campion. 

Based on seminars delivered for the Centre for Psychological Astrology in 1992 and 1996, this book gives an overview of the history of western astrology and beliefs about the apocalypse and the Age of Aquarius. Campion's argument is that such notions are essentially myths, but that we need to either understand them or be controlled by them. This is volume 16 in the Centre's series of seminar publications and can be ordered direct from the CPA press, BCM Box 1815, London WC1N 3XX.

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 The Book of World Horoscopes

by Nick Campion

In Hellenistic astrology, monarchs might 'elect' a 'katarche', select a suitable moment to begin their rule. Or astrologers might retrospectively analyse the 'katarche', the inception of a new historical enterprise. This book is a collection of such moments for every country in the modern world. The introduction raises the philosophical issue, inherent in astrological technique but rarely dealt with in debate, as to whether astrology genuinely insists that the time at which an event takes place is relevant to the astrological analysis of that event.

The Book of World Horoscopes can be ordered through any good bookshop or direct from the Wessex Astrologer.

Foreign language editions: German, Astrodata, Switzerland 1990; Russian, League of Independent Astrologers, Russia, 1997; Serb, Astro.Lab, Yugoslavia, 2002.


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 The New Astrology : The Art and Science of the Stars

Nicholas Campion, Steve Eddy

Do not be misled by the title. There is nothing 'new' in this book and it is not only about astrology. But the publishers rejected all our other ideas for titles. The book is really about the stories we tell about the sky. From creation myths to modern cosmology, astrology and science fiction, the book gathers together facts, theories and fictions about the stars from all cultures and times, with colour illustrations throughout.  The New Astrology was published in 1999 by Bloomsbury in the UK and Trafalgar Square in the USA.

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 The Practical Astrologer

Nicholas Campion

The Practical Astrologer is the only beginners' astrology book which includes a guide to working with all aspects of western astrology. The guiding principle is that astrology comes in many different forms and is adapted to different technical systems and interpretative models. There is no one single system, only useful models. In addition to the calculation and interpretation of the birth chart, the book includes brief introductions to the use of astrology in making simple forecasts, understanding relationships, healing the body, business, history and politics, gardening, the answering of questions and selecting auspicious moments to begin new enterprises. The Practical Astrologer contains six hundred illustrations, many in full colour, plus simple tables enabling the reader to calculate horoscopes for any date from 1938 - 2001. It is out of print, though available second hand, and a condensed, paperback version is available as The Ultimate Astrologer.

Hamlyn 1987


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 Mundane Astrology

With Michael Baigent and Charles Harvey

First published in 1984, Mundane Astrology is the only book of its kind - a comprehensive and critical survey of mundane astrology, mainly of the style developed  in the wake of Kepler's attempted reform in the seventeenth century. It tackles the problems of formulating a practical and systematic approach, relating it the concepts of cycles, the collective unconscious and mass psychology. Now revised and updated, this second edition continues to be the definitive work on the subject. The second edition, revised and expanded, was published by Aquarian Press in 1992 (ISBN 1 85538 140 0)
The UK price is £12.99.

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 The Ultimate Astrologer

Nicholas Campion

This is a condensed, paperback version of my previous book, The Practical Astrologer.

Rider May 2002 £10.99

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by Nicholas Campion
Quadrille Books 2000

This illustrated book is designed as a journey through the year, drawing on celestial myths, meditations, legends, calendar festivals and rituals from around the world.

Zodiac is published in the UK by Quadrille at £19.99 (hardback) and £9.99 (paperback, and in the USA by Trafalgar Square.

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The Dawn of Astrology: A Cultural History of Western Astrology

Vol 1: The Ancient and Classical Worlds (London: Continuum 2008)

by Nicholas Campion


What do Astrologers Believe? (Oxford: Granta, 2006)

by Nicholas Campion